Engine Bay Prep

With the engine nearing completion, it was time to pay the car a visit. It’s looking a little sorry for it’s self currently, covered in dust and generally looking unloved.

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With the engine mostly built, it’s time to start fitting ancillaries, and checking things for size. The first thing I did was give everything a good scrub with Gunk and a Atlasta brush. I didn’t get any photos of this process, it was dark and drizzling with rain, I just wanted to get on with it!

After 24 hours to dry out in front of a radiator it was time to start fitting things up. Here you can see the inlet manifold which being honest looks much better in photos than it does in person, but it’ll do.

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13 Months

Yup, it really has been that long!

But with the exception of the last month or two, nothing has changed. The engine came back from CAS in Northallerton, March 2016 and it sat waiting to be assembled until about October. Some drama followed, another set of bearings were purchased, and I finally got around to putting the bottom end together just before the new year. I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but a major goal for 2017 is to attend a track day in the car, just one! Baby steps..

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My First Engine Disassembly

So, with this weekend imminent, and some stern words from a friend of mine to get going already, it was time to make a start. It suddenly became even more important I got this thing going before Saturday when I realised it’s my works Christmas party on Friday night!

Anyway, first things first I removed ancillaries, such as the alternator, water pump and oil filter housing. With that done I flipped the engine upside down, being sure to grab my oil can before I did so. Minimal mess on the floor of the unit that way, saves time on clean up!

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