Silverstone shakedown

Silverstone came and went, and at the beginning of the day I was quietly confident with what I’d achieved.

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Donington Park

The Saturday before Donington was the Birkett 6 Hour Relay race at Silverstone, I popped down to show moral support and eat all of Stace’s snacks. When wandering around the paddock, the tyre chappies had some part worn AO48r’s for sale, and after parting with Β£100 I was the proud owner of some pretty decent looking tyres.

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After my success during the few days I had off work of prepping the car, Friday was a slow day and I was chomping at the bit to get on the road down to Rockingham. Towing always gets my nerves jangling, I guess that’s natural, it’s not something I’m fully comfortable with, seems to get easier with each outing though. I borrowed a van from my sponsors πŸ˜† this time, with exception of the size, it made things a lot easier. So much so that I had to keep checking that the car and trailer were both still attached!

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Blyton Park – Take 2

Bit of an update..

I had been doing the odd job here and there on the run up to to Blyton, but with life getting in the way, things were progressing slowly until suddenly, the 27th was here and I had to get some stuff sorted! I’ll start with the little bits I’d done over the past couple of weeks:

Thanks to Gareth and Weeman I was able to get a replacement wind deflector for the drivers side door. It was sold as in good condition without any cracks, this turned out to be a complete lie when Gareth collected it. Oh well, not the end of the world.

So I repaired the crack with a bit of epoxy and then fitted it to the car:

I had been wanting to cover the fuel system for some time, so that was the next job. Much faffing with a piece of carbon fibre later, and this is what I came up with

I also made some circle shapes to seal the cabin from the fuel tank

I’m still getting a smell of petrol when the car has been stood for a few days, which isn’t a massive surprise, the floor is like cheddar cheese, I really need to spend some time covering all the holes into the cabin with grommets and what not.

Stace was keen to get out in the car as a passenger, as was Matty, so I borrowed a seat and harness and set about fitting it to my car. The easy jobs always turn out to be a massive faff, but I got there in the end. Didn’t help that I left this to the very last minute, and had family coming along for passenger laps too, no pressure then.

With the seat in, we get it loaded onto the trailer, and after some thought decided now was the time to pop the 530’s towing cherry.

No real dramas, it did spit some oil out of somewhere though, looks like the filler cap? Weird, I’ve cleaned it up and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse.

After arriving at Blyton, Nige quickly pointed out an area of concern around the rear wheel arches. The cars trim is/was held on by some protruding screws. These hadn’t caused any issue the last time I used the car, so left them as they were. I got the sighting laps and a couple of warm up sessions in and everything was well, asked Stace if he wanted to come out, and the tyres started catching on said screws πŸ˜†

I ended up removing them and replacing them with some cable ties, but unfortunately the tyre still caught on the arch, which meant, with Matty being the exception, whenever I had anyone in the car I had to go steady as the arch was making mince meat out of my rear tyres, I should have really gotten a photograph.

Anyway, apart from that the car was faultless

Nige and I had some brilliant laps to close out the morning, very close and nothing in straight line speed between the two cars. I was impressed, but soon realised he was still on the hardest, 8 year old road tyres you have ever seen.. That was why I was gapping him slightly out of corners then. πŸ˜†

In the afternoon they put the slicks on, and it wasn’t quite as close anymore, but still a yard stick of sorts, and I now have a clear idea of what the car needs to keep up.

I spent some of the morning and early afternoon experimenting with my GoPro, first of all I struggled getting it focusing on what was going on outside the car, then after fixing that I had a wobble cam situation. Matty and I set about fixing it, the answer? About 500 cable ties..

It worked though! I’ll have to come up with a more permanent, less heath robinson solution, I already have some ideas.

More laps in the afternoon, a stint being followed and then trying to follow a very quick Matty got temperatures up to as high as I’d seen them, steady water temp, and oil of just over 100 degrees. This thinned the oil, and I lost a very small amount of oil pressure, Nige has suggested I try a different grade of oil for next time. It’s currently on 5w-40 Castrol Edge, the sump started to leak again toward the end of the day, so I’ll have to drop the oil anyway to fix that.

Temps were always a massive worry, but the problem I face is not being able to get temp into the car. I had 3/4’s of the oil cooler covered for the entire day, which bodes well, and not something I imagined I’d be faced with.

Here are some photos from the day, many thanks to Nige and Lou for taking them, they’re brilliant!

On the aforementioned session with Matty, the marshall showed the blue flag, I probably deserved it πŸ˜†

No lap times or anything like that, I totally forgot to wire in a cigar lighter, doh. I’ll have that sorted for next time, but here’s a quick video of Nige and I’s very last session. Everyone else had left, we were the only two on track at the end of the day.

Moving forward, it’s clear from following Nige that whilst my brakes didn’t fade at any point, the cheapy EBC Yellow pads I have fitted aren’t going to cut it, so I’ll hopefully replace those with some RC6E’s before the next outing. I also intend to save some weight by replacing some glass with plastic, and getting rid of things like the electric window motors which are still fitted. I’d also like to get it corner weighted at some point as well..

One further point to take away, was despite some lengthy sessions out on track the car seemed to be quite good on fuel. I had taken 80 litres of fuel with me, but I reckon I used about 55 litres for the entire day.

I’m away on holiday for a few weekends now, so it wont get touched until I return and have some spare money to spend.

As usual, big thanks to all those who have helped, Stace, Legend Stace, Nige, etc, etc :thumb:

The Day of Reckoning

After almost a whole year of faffing, it was time to actually drive the car properly. The week prior to Saturday was pretty torturous, massively nervous about the day. Had I tightened this properly, what about that, what if the new fuel pressure regulator wasn’t the same, and my AFR’s were way out, what if one of the naffing oil hoses burst, even after all the messing about, what if, what if.

Friday night I popped over to the unit and we loaded the car onto the trailer, treated the windscreen to a coat of Rain-x on the outside, and Fog-x on the inside. You know, just in case..

With my mind firmly set on the car surviving, I completely failed on the taking photos front. I also realised the only go-pro clip I had with me was broken, which meant no video footage either, doh.

The drive to the circuit was an odd one, for some reason I chilled out. My mood changed from, holy shit what if it fails, to, so what if it does. For a hobbiest, like myself, I’d done well to even get this far!

With the signing on/briefing formalities out of the way, Legend Stace, Chris, or Stace’s Dad, however you know him had arrived, along with Mummy Stace. Eileen offered me cake, whilst Chris set to work checking tyre pressure and the like. Eager to get the day started I made my way to the track entrance, and waited first in line for my three sighting laps. Steady away, the car felt good, and upon returning to the pits nothing was leaking, result.

After a quick check of everything once more, I strapped myself in and headed out for my first proper session. With just two cars on track it was a great time to get some heat into the new brake pads / disks (check), check AFR with a 3rd and 4th gear pull (check), and make sure oil pressure was good (check). With those out of the way, I picked up some speed, but after a couple of laps I could hear something wasn’t quite right. At first I thought it was rubber pickup from the used A048R’s I’m using, but one of the marshals flagged me down to tell me it sounded much more sinister than that and to go check it out.

Whilst impressed by the attentiveness of the Javelin marshals I began to wonder what it could be. This is where having Chris around was invaluable, we checked around the car to discover a worryingly loose tapered wheel bearing nut. Typically this was one of the few parts of the car I hadn’t touched, I also have no experience with tapered wheel bearings. Chris tightened it, as well as the other side and off we went again. Without having Chris around that might well have ended my day, I’m so thankful for the Stacey’s help from Day 0 of this journey/build.

A few more laps down, but my spidey senses were tingling, and every sound the car made was a worry. After a couple of more short stints, something just didn’t feel right. Time was pressing on at this point, so we checked over everything once more, and swapped the tyres front to back as there was still a lot of pickup on the ‘inside’ (anti-clockwise circuit) rear tyre. With that done it was time for lunch, and just in time for the heavens to open..

I sheltered in the van, and waited out the storm. As soon as the track ‘opened’ I jumped in the car and queue to go make sure everything was OK. Unfortunately, the rain had been so heavy the track was covered in lots of standing water. For the time being the track was closed, and with no end to the rain in sight, I started to wonder whether or not I’d ever find out if the car was OK.

An hour or so passed and the rain began to let up, the sky got brighter and Colin yelled from his car the track would be opening. Great, time to get some steady wet laps in..

A few steady laps turned into a few more quicker laps and the car felt great, the problem now was getting any heat into the oil and water. I struggled in the morning, but put that down to me going steady and the ambient being cool. But as I increased the pace, temps didn’t seem to increase, so back in and a short conversation with Nige he said to cover part of the oil cooler and go back out..

With that done, and a drying track I pushed on, gaining confidence in the car, and finally seeing Oil Temps in the 90’s. The car was great fun to drive, a little soft in places and the more used rear tyres that I swapped to the front started to go off a little, or at least that’s how it felt, the car became a little more understeery as the laps went on. But as a starting point, fun, pointy, and very easy to gather up if it got a bit waggy, all in all, confidence inspiring.

About to come in after a fairly lengthy session, an old school friend of mine who had booked on a Toyota Only day in his VX220 appeared in my mirror. I saw this as an opportunity to bench mark the car against something of a similar horsepower and weight, I let him past, then the chase was on.

The little grenade did well, and we were both evenly matched all over the circuit, as you would expect his car was slightly more composed through the quicker turns, but there was nothing between the cars in a straight line and through the slower stuff. The circuit had dried completely by this time as well.. It’s funny though, he keeps posting how nothing came close to his car, yet no mention of our little tussle πŸ˜†

I lost an indicator at some point as well, rescued by a marshal but pretty much scrap plastic now.. ah well. One final session to close out the day and take the chequered flag. A quick once over the car, and as instructed by Nige, I was going to check the plugs. But numb nuts here forgot the spark plug socket, so I didn’t get chance to do that, whoops.

Car loaded, minus drivers indicators, I said my goodbyes and drove back to Sheffield, dodging some localised flooding but with a massive smile on my face.

So, it works, I/We did it! Big thanks to everyone who’s helped, Stace and his family, Jebson, Matty, Nige, UB, Weeman, loads of folks.

I guess now the real work starts, as it get used more things will break. I already have a few things that need addressing..

– A weep from the brake T-Piece – Tempted to replace with braided hose
– Make a part/full shroud for my oil cooler
– A full once over of all suspensiony bits and rear brakes
– Coolant expansion tank filled at the end of the day, bit of a worry

But that can wait a week or two, I need a break from it all, and should probably spend some time with Katherine who I’m sure is feeling a little neglected. πŸ˜†

TL;DR; Day went well, no real dramas, yet and the car was fun to drive. :thumb: