One Step Closer

This weekend started badly, Saturday turned into one of those days. I’d left a number of things at home, so had to make return trips to collect them, bought a box of vinyl gloves instead of nitrile ones, packed my camera without an SD card. Nothing major, but lots of little things getting in the way of progress.

When I eventually got to work, my first job was to attack my down pipe with a round file to make it fit the turbo. I’m not sure if it was down to tolerances, or slightly out of true studs on the turbo? Probably a bit of both, because the studs all looked pretty straight to the naked eye. Anyway, after an hour of filing, checking, filing some more, and finally blasting out thoroughly with air and brake cleaner, I got it all together.

I also took a slight edge off the dump pipe, will likely make bugger all difference, but it was easy to do so I got on with it. I also had the manifold to engine mating service made flat during the week, it was noticeably easier to tighten each of the 6 manifold bolts upon fitting it up to the engine. £40 well spent, big thanks to JSR Precision Engineering for such a quick turn around.

I bolted it all up to the car, and then got on with making an oil feed line for the turbo. I’d ordered up some AN4 fittings, and line from Torques, I quite like black fittings and black lines. They cost a little more money than an off the shelf braided line for the turbo, but I quite like the finish, and have used the same coloured fittings and hoses in other parts of the engine bay as well.

I’ve had all kinds of trouble with cheaper fittings in the past, Torques fittings go together much easier. With the line made up, it became apparent quite quickly, that with the turbo fitted to the car I wouldn’t be able to fit the line to the turbo. So off came the entire thing, gearbox brace and all so I could get the line fitted nice and snug.

All fitted up, the photo makes it look like the line is touching the filter housing. That’s not the case, there is decent clearance around the oil line. Theoretically the line shouldn’t move anywhere, it’s fitted to a solid mounted part, but if it’s possible to give clearance I always do.

Hopefully for the final time, the manifold is bolted back up. A neat feature is the inclusion of a gearbox to down-pipe brace. This should help keep everything where it needs to be, I’ve also used tri-locking nuts and fine pitched bolts everywhere. You can also see the air filter has been mounted here as well, it fits perfectly, I can’t wait to get it boxed in.

With the exciting new things all buttoned up, it was time to get on with some of the more mundane tasks. Those included fitting driveshafts, re-wiring up the DEFI’s, fitting the speedo cable, and making sure the fuel system is all nipped up nice and tightly.

With that done, I made a quick list of the final parts and consumables I’d need so I can get the thing started. 99% of that is now ordered, and should be with me this week, meaning I should be able to start it for the first time this coming weekend. Chomping at the bit now, but really nervous!


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