Broken Kaaz LSD

In my previous post I suggested that I’d be sending my Kaaz LSD to 3J to be serviced, I also said I’d like to fit the engine at the weekend. 3J suggest a 1 to 2 week turn around, which might mean I wouldn’t have the LSD back in time, and ultimately scupper my plans to fit the engine.

With a small amount of spare time this morning, and after 3 confidence inspiring beers last night, I figured I’d at least have a go at re-ordering the plates my self, what’s the worse that could happen? After an early, and cold start I headed over to the unit to make use of the vice.

First of all, this isn’t my workshop, so please don’t judge the messy bench!

Back home now to the warmth of my office, I started the teardown. The top came off fairly easily but revealed some foreign material on the belleville washer.

The first three plates came out in one piece, the fourth? Well, let’s just say, that one doesn’t look particularly happy.

As you can see, the middle “tabs”? Have separated from the main body of the plate, no idea what has caused this, but that would suggest why the thing was locking as well as it should. The rest of it came apart fairly easily, and all the other plates are in one piece.

Mondays job will be trying to organise a rebuild kit for the thing. Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this failure?


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