Engine Bay Prep

With the engine nearing completion, it was time to pay the car a visit. It’s looking a little sorry for it’s self currently, covered in dust and generally looking unloved.

First order of business was to have a good tidy up and sweep under the car, and lift the bonnet up and out of the way. Much like the entire car, the engine bay is already pretty clean, just covered in a few years of grime, and a few months of dust.

I set to work removing bits and pieces, some found their way back into the bay this afternoon, others removed forever. I also detached the wiring loom to help with cleaning.

With the important bits of the wiring loom protected with an assortment of shopping bags, it was time to coat the engine bay with some degreaser.

Whilst the degreaser did it’s thing, I made use the communal impact gun to separate the drive gear from my Kaaz LSD. I’d previously struggled for an hour or two trying to get the bolts undone with a pair of breaker bars, ultimately failing. Using the impact gun, I had all the bolts out in about 5 minutes, I need to invest in one of those for my self soon!

I’ll be sending this to 3J to be given a once over and hopefully reorder the plates to be a little more aggressive. On the subject of the LSD, can anyone point me in the direction of resource that will educate me on how they should be setup for your particular application? I just want to understand it a little more, because right now, I’ve no idea what to tell 3J.

Back to the engine bay, I gave it a good scrub, including all the major crevices, including in between my toes and in my belly button, no, wait. After the scrub, I gave it all a wipe down, came out ok!

Then re-fitted the bits and pieces I’d removed, et voila.

I had intended getting the engine over to the car this weekend, but that will have to wait until next. I need to order up some final bits, and also have the new clutch release bearing pressed onto it’s carrier. I’ll have a full weekend at it next week, at the very least I’d like the engine in the car, ideally running, we shall see.

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