13 Months

Yup, it really has been that long!

But with the exception of the last month or two, nothing has changed. The engine came back from CAS in Northallerton, March 2016 and it sat waiting to be assembled until about October. Some drama followed, another set of bearings were purchased, and I finally got around to putting the bottom end together just before the new year. I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but a major goal for 2017 is to attend a track day in the car, just one! Baby steps..

So let’s start with the work carried out at CAS:

Cylinder Head
Hot pressure test
Clean and dress valves
Cut valve seats
Lap valves
Replace valve stem seals
Set valve clearences

Hot pressure test
Hone cylinders

Check size

Remove old rings
Blast clean
Check ring gaps
Fit rings

Quite the list! Craig found the block wasn’t flat, which would be the cause of the second failure. With the engine in bits, it was now up to me to put it back together. Fast forward 8 months, I set to work.

Once the bottom end was built up, it was time to cover it up. This would mean an end to checking and rechecking torque, I’m not nervous to start it, nope. I also fitted a new Toyota oil pump, and refitted the water pump that’s done 8 laps of Silverstone.

I caught some heat for not painting the block, that was quickly remedied. Not the best of jobs, but it’ll do. It’s never going to be a show and shine car, ever.

You’ll notice the engine is no longer indoors. I built the bottom end in my office at home, which is on the first floor. I was confident I could carry the bottom end down a flight of stairs by myself, not sure I’d manage it with a head and other ancillaries attached.

I fitted up the Athena MLS head gasket, and started to fit the head. I ran into a problem with some of the head bolt holes. In the end I fashioned a thread chaser out of an old head bolt to help clean the threads up.

With the threads nice and clean, it was finally time to fit the head

Finally, it was time to wrestle the cam belt into place and make sure things were all timed up nicely


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