Ambitious, but rubbish

I left things last week with the lofty ambition of finally getting the engine back in the car, and started for the first time, that didn’t quite happen, but I was still able to get a decent amount of work done. Mid way through last week I came to the realisation that without putting myself under a massive amount of pressure I’d not be able to get the engine in and started. But I was OK with this, I need to try and enjoy this process a little more, and not put myself under unnecessary pressure.

After some research and a back and forth with Ray at Kaaz USA (Who is very helpful!), I spoke with Coordsport here in the UK and ordered up an overhaul kit for my Kaaz LSD. The kit (71261-106) arrived early Tuesday morning, and upon opening it up I noticed it came with 12 plates, for my 8 plate LSD. Spares, at least. I had read on the internets that leaving the plates to soak in gear oil before fitting was a smart move. I wouldn’t have chance to put it back together until the weekend, so I plonked the bits I needed in a tub, and loaded them up with gear oil.

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Broken Kaaz LSD

In my previous post I suggested that I’d be sending my Kaaz LSD to 3J to be serviced, I also said I’d like to fit the engine at the weekend. 3J suggest a 1 to 2 week turn around, which might mean I wouldn’t have the LSD back in time, and ultimately scupper my plans to fit the engine.

With a small amount of spare time this morning, and after 3 confidence inspiring beers last night, I figured I’d at least have a go at re-ordering the plates my self, what’s the worse that could happen? After an early, and cold start I headed over to the unit to make use of the vice.

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With the engine mostly built, it’s time to start fitting ancillaries, and checking things for size. The first thing I did was give everything a good scrub with Gunk and a Atlasta brush. I didn’t get any photos of this process, it was dark and drizzling with rain, I just wanted to get on with it!

After 24 hours to dry out in front of a radiator it was time to start fitting things up. Here you can see the inlet manifold which being honest looks much better in photos than it does in person, but it’ll do.

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13 Months

Yup, it really has been that long!

But with the exception of the last month or two, nothing has changed. The engine came back from CAS in Northallerton, March 2016 and it sat waiting to be assembled until about October. Some drama followed, another set of bearings were purchased, and I finally got around to putting the bottom end together just before the new year. I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but a major goal for 2017 is to attend a track day in the car, just one! Baby steps..

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