Head off, bad news

Finally got around to lifting the head off today, results weren’t all that surprising really.

I got the engine up on the engine stand. Which makes working on it SO much easier, I can even sit down if I wish. My back is already thankful to not have to be bent over the engine bay of the car, should make assembly a much more positive experience as well, so glad I took the time to do this.

Rocker cover was the first thing to come off, shortly followed by the inlet manifold.

Cams laid out, with caps in order.

Next I removed the head bolts, which all felt tight to me. Foolishly I didn’t check them with the torque wrench before undoing them, but none of them felt any easier to loosen than the others.

Then the head lifted off fairly easily revealing a rather broken head gasket between 3 and 4.

Which was expected really, but there is some damage to the piston number 4, and some odd pitting on the cylinder wall, hard to photograph. Especially hard with my iPhone, I can’t find my camera anywhere!!

The damage to the piston wasn’t there before, can’t be certain if the pitting on the cylinder wall was there or not. I guess the big question is does this mean the bottom end needs repair as well?

Head looks damage free to me, again apologies for the awful photos.

Perhaps the block face isn’t flat, I’ll double check that.

The plan of attack now seems to remove pistons and rods to check for further damage, inspect block face for flatness, and possibly have it decked for peace of mind.

After that will come the rather difficult part, and that’s building the thing back up, trying not to think about that too much at the minute. I’ve a lot of reading, and learning to do before that point appears, hopefully with the help of friends I can get it sorted.

As always, I’ll keep this thing updated. Plans are a foot to start producing some of the parts I’ve made for this build, along with some stickers and clothing. Watch this space, as they say..


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