She’s Out

During the week the hardware needed to hoist the engine out of the old girl arrived, which meant I could spend Saturday morning removing the engine and hopefully bolting it to my engine stand.

I started by lining the engine hoist up over the top of the engine, and then removed the bonnet. As with the majority of the car, the bonnet was super lightweight. I’d say lighter than a friends composite bonnet which he has fitted to his Mini Cooper S race car, you really wouldn’t want to crash one of these cars on the road.

With the engine attached to the hoist, I took up the slack and started to undo engine mounts. After some help from a friend, we managed to get the engine up and out of the engine bay, and swung onto a wooden pallet, a pretty cool feeling.

I continue to be amazed at how clean this car is, very, very little rot on it at all, not bad for 22 years of use. Looking forward to tidying the engine bay a little, it should clean up really nicely.

It was then time to split then engine and gearbox, this is were we’d find out if the fancy Ogura clutch that was on the spec list of the car was for real, seemingly so!

With that out of the way it was time to finally get the engine mated to the engine stand, or was it?! The standard Toyota gearbox bolts are too short to be used with my stand, bummer. I’ve ordered some longer ones, so hopefully, and finally I’ll get this thing up in the air and cracked open to discover what damage we caused at Silverstone!


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