Sniff test

My friend Andrew has quite a good relationship with Paul Roddinson, :thumb: Racing Friends :thumb: who was at Donington testing his new MX5 race car, after a few good laps with it I went over before I left and said hi, to find it wasn’t him driving it, shame. Anyway, this would prove useful, With Silverstone knocking on the door I needed a quick diagnosis on the coolant loss issue. Paul had helped Andrew in the same way with the mini, so I took an extended lunch break and trailered the car over to Pauls for him to carry out a sniff test on the car.

The results weren’t good, but definitive at least. Either the head gasket has gone, or I’ve damaged the head, they are known for cracking, apparently.

So over the next 3 weeks I’ve got to sort this out, along with replacing brake fluid, hopefully I can have it all sorted in time. I’ve never attempted this level of spannering before, I’m keen to give it ago, but hopefully understandably nervous about it. I’ve found a local engineer who will test and skim the head if necessary (, so the plan right now is to remove the head over this weekend and get it to them on Monday. Turn around is quick, so I’ll have a decision on Tuesday as to whether I can put it back together and make Silverstone, or be left trying to source a head.

I’ve find some useful resource surrounding this sort of job, this should come in handy.

So armed with a camera, a tub of tipex, some patience and hopefully some good fortune I’ll be loading a head into the boot of my car come Saturday afternoon.


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