Head removal

Blurry eyed, I got to work at 7am Saturday morning after dropping Lucy off at work. The guides I’d found online helped quite a lot, but for the most part it was fairly easy going and not that many parts to keep track of. I know the hard part is yet to come, building it back up is going to be an interesting and worrying experience.

Anyway, by midday I had got the head off the block, but to my worry the head gasket was pretty much still intact.

I found two small nicks in the gasket, but that’s about it. The gasket had also deformed? But honestly I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I spent some time sharing photos with Nige and Andy Jebson, we think possibly the damage I found could be causing it, but who knows.

Positives from this, were mapping which Nige tells me looks superb, pistons seemingly all in one piece with no visible signs of det, and the cars need for a new cambelt.

All the parts I’d removed laid out before I put them to rest in the boot of the car.

An interesting experience, certainly something to learn from. I dropped the head off at Sheffield Engine Service this morning, the guy there seems decent enough. I’m waiting to hear the results from a pressure test before we decide what to do next, hopefully I’ll hear some news later this afternoon!


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