Donington Park

The Saturday before Donington was the Birkett 6 Hour Relay race at Silverstone, I popped down to show moral support and eat all of Stace’s snacks. When wandering around the paddock, the tyre chappies had some part worn AO48r’s for sale, and after parting with £100 I was the proud owner of some pretty decent looking tyres.

I don’t need tyres, but I don’t rate the current R888’s I have fitted, so these will come in handy. The price was a bit too good to pass up too.

After an early start and some traffic on the M1, I arrived to a VERY busy looking Donington Park Paddock. After a couple of failed attempts to find space in front of the pits, I ended up having to make do with being away from the main area. This worked out well, kept me well clear of the mostly southern crowd :whistle:

Soon after UB joined me, which diluted Northern area, but he would prove useful later on so we’ll give him a pass.

My ECU had been locked by the chap who mapped it, meaning I was unable to access it to adjust boost control. This meant I was down on boost, so once I had got the sighting laps out of the way, I waited for the car to cool down and adjusted the actuator arm back to where it was, giving me just short of 1bar/15psi of boost.

I had some issues early on with a slipping alternator belt, UB helped me sort that and away I went for my first proper session.

I had some really good laps with Gareth, hustling through traffic on days like this is quite fun. Lots of fast looking stuff moving quite slowly, especially a pair of Radicals who I honestly thought I’d be the one getting in the way of them.

Throughout the day I was managing coolant loss, after every session the overflow bottle was full to the point it was overflowing its self. First of all thought this might be self bleeding, but after each session it was the same. Water temperatures seemed to be fine, so I carried on with the day.

I only ran the camera for one session, mainly because I kept forgetting to turn the thing on whilst stood queuing in the pit lane. My average wait time was 15 minutes, which did get tiresome after a while. Being sat strapped into my car is good when driving, just stood in traffic? It gets hot and uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Anyway, here’s some footage. I had some good laps with a R26, then once he went in some clear laps. That session was about 20 minutes or so in length, and came to abrupt end when I lost the brake pedal having just exited craner curves. New brake fluid before the next day then..

Excuse wobble cam 😆

Usually with busy days people start to leave after lunch time, but if anything it seemed to get busier, not sure if there were some half day guys booked on? Anyway, the queues in the pit lane were just the same at 15:00, what with my coolant issues, and an empty tank of fuel. I decided to save my remaining jerry can, pack up and head home. The weather was absolutely perfect, when you were out on track the day was brilliant, but the relentless queuing was something I’d never experienced at a track day before, that marred the day slightly.


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