Silverstone shakedown

Silverstone came and went, and at the beginning of the day I was quietly confident with what I’d achieved.

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Head removal

Blurry eyed, I got to work at 7am Saturday morning after dropping Lucy off at work. The guides I’d found online helped quite a lot, but for the most part it was fairly easy going and not that many parts to keep track of. I know the hard part is yet to come, building it back up is going to be an interesting and worrying experience.

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Sniff test

My friend Andrew has quite a good relationship with Paul Roddinson, :thumb: Racing Friends :thumb: who was at Donington testing his new MX5 race car, after a few good laps with it I went over before I left and said hi, to find it wasn’t him driving it, shame. Anyway, this would prove useful, With Silverstone knocking on the door I needed a quick diagnosis on the coolant loss issue. Paul had helped Andrew in the same way with the mini, so I took an extended lunch break and trailered the car over to Pauls for him to carry out a sniff test on the car.

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