Plastic Windows

Wednesday I had a fairly busy morning and early afternoon, so was a little worried I wouldn’t get anything particularly meaningful done on the car. I had wanted to get the passenger lexan window in before I went home for the evening.

It turned out to be a very simple process, and I was done in plenty of time.

First I covered the lexan with a load of masking tape, then I fastened it to the window

Drew around it like so

Then I cut it out with a jigsaw

After a little bit of wrestling I got it in the door

Same for the drivers side which I did today

I don’t think they’re going anywhere, but we’ll see on Saturday. They’re in TIGHT, the lexan is a couple of mm thicker than the glass it replaced it seems, so is very tight in the window seal.

Gave the car a wash inside and out and it’s about ready I think. Had it up and down the private little road near where it’s kept and seemed to drive ok, always difficult to know when you can’t put any real road miles on them. Fingers crossed for another trouble free day.


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