Countdown to Rockingham

With Rockingham just around the corner (March 7th), I figured I should make a start doing some bits on the car. The list of jobs is actually quite small, and I’m making work for myself, as I’m sure the car is perfectly serviceable as it is (Famous last words).

First on the list was a gearbox oil change, and after some consultation with Mr Oilman I decided on using some Gulf LS oil. It matches the specs of Kaaz’s own stuff, which at £30+ a litre they can keep. This is the only fluid I hadn’t touched since building the car, it actually came out quite clean so I could have probably got away with leaving it in there. Ah well, it’s done now.

I’d actually been out and bought a funnel thing to help fill the ‘box, it was a substantial thing, more than up to the job. It was however, WAY too big for the filler. After some searching I stumbled across something that would fit..

Half an hour and a sore back later, oil seeped out of the level hole and that was it, job jobbed. Whilst the car was in the air I had a look underneath, all looks dry, and checked the front wheel bearing for play or odd noises, which there was non. One of the front hub nuts had worked loose at Cadwell, enough to make an audible noise. I quickly came in and nipped it up, it was fine for the rest of the day, seems fine now too, so we’ll see how long that lasts 😆

I think a while ago I mentioned that the car still had all the electric window gubbins in the front doors, which at the time wasn’t really something of great worry. But now I want to save some weight, so I stripped out the pax side at the weekend and removed the glass to measure up so I can ‘hopefully’ make my own palycarb windows.

I weighed the doors at 23kg each a while ago, I don’t think 10kg from each door is a huge ask? We’ll see. The polycarb sheet for my windows is on its way, and until I’ve successfully cut that to shape, I wont be attacking the doors. Just incase I balls it up and end up throwing the glass back in for Rockingham.

Really looking forward to using the car again, it feels like ages since Cadwell in December.