Bit of an update

After the excitement of my day at Blyton had subsided it was time to take stock and try my hardest to find something wrong with the car. So far, so good, it all seems pretty much spot on. I found a slight oil leak from the rocker cover, which I think I have solved by tightening it up but apart from that it all seems ok.

I did find one of my intercooler pipes had slightly rubbed against a radiator hose, so I spent a bit of time faffing on Saturday, first job was to jiggery poke my intercooler pipes away from my radiator hoses, I did this and also added a layer of protection as a just in case.

I had a bit of spare silicon hose, and following Nige’ advice I wrapped and fixed it in place with a couple of cable ties. Just preventative more than anything else, but worthwhile doing.

Next on the list was the brake line which was weeping a little at Blyton. I’ve never been too comfortable with the hard line being where it was, it wouldn’t take too much for someone to lean into the car and put their hand on it possibly causing a kink, and with the leaky fitting as well I decided to have a braided line made up to replace it.

£15, job, jobbed.

I also sourced and fitted a replacement drivers indicator, and booked another day at Blyton on the 27th of September. You should do as well ( A few more jobs left to do before then, and hopefully I wont uncover something major between then and now.