Post Dyno Alterations

After the car survived mapping, I decided to book a track day. It had always been my plan to take the car to Blyton Park, a local(ish) circuit, for a days testing. It just so happened that a Toyota only day had been arranged by Javelin for the 19th of July, leaving me 3 weeks to make my way through the long list of “little” jobs I had left to do.

Little jobs are always the things that take the longest amount of time, or at least so it seems! So with a bottle of one of my favoured beers (laugh all you want, it’s delicious) I got cracking

During mapping it looked to me like the actuator had made contact with the radiator some how.

This could well have happened at some point when I’ve had the radiator resting against the engine, but not wanting to take the chance, and having a small amount of room in front of the radiator to play with, I set about moving it a little closer.

Oh, I also fitted my air filter, not I’d posted about that. Fairly easy to sort and fits nicely over the restrictor.

You can see in that picture the gap between the slam panel and radiator, that’s much smaller now.

With those things out of the way I had some holes in the bulk head to cover up that used to route aircon / heater matrix pipes into the cabin. I had some left over carbon fibre from my door cards, so set about shaping some of it to cover the holes. I secured it with some sealant, and wished I’d done it differently given the mess I made, but they’re in now and pretty secure!


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