Little Jobs

On Monday Stace helped me sort out an alignment with his “racing friend” Paul Roddinson. Paul was helpful and dialed in a couple of degrees camber up-front and made sure all the wheels were pointing in sort of the same direction. With a base setup sorted, I can go to Blyton, hopefully make notes (if the car lasts that long) and feedback for some corner weighting before it’s next outing.

Negative camber, yo.

I ordered some new disks and pads from Keri @ WMS late last week, they arrived on Monday ready for me to fit on Wednesday evening. Pretty straight forward, also gave me chance to secure the brake lines which I hadn’t done before and have a good check around that area. I opted for Ferodo Yellow pads to get me started, cheap and cheerful. Infact the disks and pads including delivery came in at less than £130, pretty decent I thought.

I don’t think pad sweep is optimal with this setup, but anything is better than the standard single piston calipers, so we’ll see how they get on. The back has pretty new disks and some Pagid road pads in there, aftermarket rear pads seem non existent for the Starlet, so they’ll have to do for now.

I also got round to fitting my TRS Tow strap to the front of the car, a slight bumper modification was made and it fits nicely.

When fitting this I noticed how exposed the oil filter was, now I don’t know if a stone or whatever might have cracked the filter casing, but I didn’t fancy finding that out, so ordered up some mesh and fitted that in the hole this evening. Gave it a lick of paint as well so it didn’t stand out quite so much.. Stainless steel stuff so hopefully it wont get too manky..

There’s a possibility it’ll get replaced with brake ducting anyway, but looks neat enough for now.

One thing I thought might come in useful was a sun visor, so that was next on the list. Such a faff to fit by yourself, especially when you buy cheap nasty vinyl like I did. But I got there in the end and it looks presentable enough.

One last thing, I may have bought a slightly bigger turbo, you know, just incase

It needs a rebuild, but it was cheap and useful to have on the shelf.


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