Dyno Day

Got about half way through this and like a moron, I managed to refresh the page losing all I’d written. Probably for the best, I’d waffled on..

Anyway, so I took the car to be mapped. One of the more nerve wracking days I’ve ever had, but me and the car got through it pretty much unscathed. It started with me towing all by myself for the very first time, luckily this went without hitch (oh dear) and I arrived with plenty of time to get the car unloaded and sit around waiting for Will to arrive so we could get cracking.

The first thing Will did was carry out an inspection of the cars cooling system, and after pressure testing it, we deemed that OK. Next up was a compression check, figures came back OK, not brilliant, but OK, even across all 4, but a little down at 160psi than the 180psi you’d expect from a box fresh engine. Next was a bore scope, which didn’t reveal anything untoward really, phew. It was noted that a spark plug or two were oily, suggesting oil might be getting passed the rings? I always knew the engine would need refreshing at some point, so not a massive concern, and something I’m keen to learn how to do myself.

With that out of the way, the car was loaded onto the hub dynos.

Once on their timing was checked and adjust slightly before a whiff of fuel filled the air. Numb nuts here hadn’t done a particularly good job of making sure all the new fuel connections were tight under the bonnet. That was sorted quite quickly, but we discovered a crack in my FPR. I really thought that would be the end of the day, and I was pretty down beat, especially given that I’d checked for leaks myself and not found anything. With my tail between my legs I trotted round to a hose place to see if we could get anything made up to get the standard FPR working. When I returned out of luck, Will had removed a similar FPR from another car and began fitting it to mine.

With everything checked and double checked mapping commenced

After a few hours, the car was mapped and made 140hp at the hubs. Slightly less than I was expecting if I’m being honest, but also on less boost. I had hoped to have seen a peak boost pressure of 15psi, but when we increased boost pressure, the gains made were pretty negligible, so it was decided to just run from actuator pressure of around 11/12psi.

Here are the graphs..



There is a possibility that with a more free flowing exhaust manifold and exhaust I’d make some more power, but this will do for now.


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