First Drive

This last weekend was quite momentous, I actually got to drive my car. The first time I’d operated it properly since the 18th of August 2013. I nervously drove up and down the quiet industrial estate lane a couple of times before retiring the car back inside the unit to check for leaks.

For the most part all was well, but I’m still not convinced about one of the oil cooler fittings. A replacement turned up in the post today, so hopefully that will cure it once and for all. The oil cooler saga is alive and well, I daren’t tally up the cost of it, shocking.

One of the jobs on my list of things to do before mapping was secure the fuel filter, there are a few solutions to this. Often involving a rather expensive aluminum mount, and not being one for engine bay bling I decided against that. In the end settling for a large rubber lined p-clip, seems to do as good a job as anything else.

Next up was wiring the boost solenoid, which I started to do on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was one of those days, and this is as far as I got.

I’ll revisit that next week I think. I also need to address my air filter issues, I ordered the smallest ITG filter, rated to 200hp, apparently. Anyway, it fits, just.

Just waiting for a few bits so I can finish plumbing it in. That will have to wait until next weekend, as I’m away for the Nurgburgring 24 hour race as of tomorrow, fun times!


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