First start

Yay for progress!

Last weekend I hit a couple of road blocks with my fuel hoses, I also went and had my oil hoses pressure tested. They all passed, and I was sent on my way with a better solution for my fuel hose too. Armed with this, my goal for this weekend was to get the car started and run up to temperature.

This was about as much as I got done last weekend.

Fuel lines secured to the car, hopefully protected by chassis rails as well.

The main problem I had last weekend was the solution I’d been given for connecting the main in-tank fuel feed to my new hose. The standard fuel tank feed has a metric fitting and flared pipe, I was given this as a solution:

Basically a bulk-head connection, and some weird sleeve type setup. For one it physically wouldn’t fit, and I was convinced it wouldn’t seal. The new local hose place agreed, and gave me a compression type fitting which would replace the standard metric stuff. Anyway, it worked, and fits nicely, yay!

The starlet has a little ‘Diagnostics’ port in the engine bay, you can use it for checking error codes in the ECU for example. Join two of pins together with a bit of wire, and the ECU light will flash in varying sequences, different flashes mean different things. Anyway, if you short two other pins you can test the fuel system, as it makes the fuel pump(s) run. This was handy for getting the fuel system up to pressure and checking for leaks.

The result, no leaks. So far, so good.

With that done I got on with the oil side of things, fitting my pressure switch take off and reattaching the oil lines for my cooler. I then pulled the plugs so I could turn the car over to build some oil pressure, I did this a couple of times for 10 seconds and the oil light didn’t go off, the needle on my pressure gauge didn’t move either, hmm. After some reading, I tried for 30 seconds, and all of a sudden, oil pressure, no leaks either.

Here are 3 of the plugs, they all looked like this, rich?

I bought a T piece for my oil pressure sensors, this is attached to a length of braided hose which goes into the block where the original sensor used to live. It’s a little tight for space around the original pressure sensor location, so this made sense.

Next up was to find a home, and to plumb in my MAC boost solenoid, I popped it on the drivers side next to the turbo. Just need to wire this to my ECU now, and hopefully I’ll have RPM based boost control.

Next, I plonked the radiator in and filled it with coolant.

The engine bay looks a little bit different to how it was when I bought it..

I’m in two minds about re-fitting the standard strut brace, I don’t see it having any benefit, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I digress..

With everything now fitted, I grabbed a fire extinguisher and turned the key

Nothing too exciting, thankfully. I was able to get the car up to temperature and make sure the fan kicked in before it ran out of fuel.

I found a couple of leaks, one was from me not tightening a jubilee clip on the radiator hose. The other, an oil line I don’t think I’d tightened enough. But everything was so hot I couldn’t get in to tighten it up, I’ll do that the next time I’m working on the car.

So, a couple of little things left to finish before it’s ready to be driven for reals and taken to by mapped.

– Air filter
– Wire boost solenoid and check it’s working
– Tidy wiring up inside for gauges
– Secure fuel filter

I’ve got a few others bit to sort before it’s first outing, like new brake pads and a tow strap, etc.


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