I picked up a fan for my radiator the other day and wired it up, made use of the original plug so it can be removed nice and easy whenever the engine decides to blow up.

I now have all the bits necessary to secure the fuel lines, I’m also waiting on an adapter so I can plumb in my oil pressure sensor too. All being well I’ll be able to start the car this weekend, might even get a cheeky drive of it too, how exciting.

Once that’s out of the way, I’ll need to spend some time getting my head around boost control. I’ve ordered a solenoid, but it will need wiring into my ECU and then setting up. Or at least me getting my head around how it can be setup so when I take it for mapping I can instruct the mapper how it works.

It will be using the ECU’s additional injector map, so it can’t be too difficult for him to understand, me on the the other hand, hmm. NIGE!? 😆


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