Wires, wires, wires

Another day and a half of work with not a great deal to show for it!

I spent Sunday morning wiring the main wiring harness to the isolated side of my kill swich. Bulk of the time was spent figuring out how to crimp a terminal without removing the 12v wires from wherever they were attached to main fuse box / starter. Once I got around that it was fairly straight forward, I mounted the junction box thing and ran the wire into the cabin.

That was about it for Sunday really.

Monday I had the full day, but again don’t have a great deal to show for it. I started with wiring the fuel/spark cut for the kill switch, plenty of solder and heat shrink, forgot to take photos of this, fairly boring anyway. Pretty certain I got the correct wire to cut stuff off, but I can’t test it just yet due to not being able to start the car.

Once that was done I wired the other side of the switch, including the earth part. I used the earth post behind the dash that has other stuff earthed through, is that OK, or does it need it’s own?

Anyway, next up was to mock where my fuel pump would sit and wire that too. I followed advice given on here and ran a 12v feed via relay to the pump. It packages quite nicely in the wheel well, pretty much ready for plumbing it all in now!

I picked up a small secondary fuse box for ancillary stuff, it’s supposed to light up if a fuse blows. I have my gauges and now fuel pump sitting off the other side of it.

Excuse the wire mess behind the dash, I’m a little reluctant to tie it all up before I’ve actually had the car running. It’s likely to stay that way until after it has been mapped. Wires in the drivers foot well are sensor wires for my gauges, they will obviously be moved out of the way.

So anyway, with it all finally wired up I figured it was time to test it.. With a turn of the key, the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree!

Final job on the list was to mount my remote filter. There is a spot just in front of the drivers wheel which is enclosed behind bumper and inner arch. It’s just the right size for this, and is where others have mounted their remove filters. Bumper will need removing to change the filter, but that’s no big deal it comes off really easily.

Pipe route needs to be figured out, but it should be fairly simple it’s just finding time now to actually get the bits made up as I have a couple of busy Saturdays coming up. I may see about taking a a day off work to get that sorted.

I was hoping to get to Blyton on the 26th, yeh, that’s not happening.

My catch-tank finally arrived as well, looks good if a little blingy.


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