Progress, progress.

Friday rolled around, and after loading the Starlet and breaking Stace, we set off to Lichfield. I was towing my car for the first time, how exciting!

I would like to have used my car, but there was a possibility we would need to collect some bits on the way home, so we went in the Chanukah Spec Vito instead.

At RW Developments I collected some bits and pieces and had to wait around for Dean to finish stuff off. A young, very talented chap, who for the time being lacks time management, don’t we all to some extent? His work seems pretty good, and is well tested. I’m just waiting for my catch tank now, hopefully it’ll arrive sometime this week.

Saturday turned into a rest day, so to speak. Sunday rolled round, bright and early I met with a now not so broken Stace and unloaded the car from the trailer. Caught the end of the F1, and then got on with some bits and pieces on the car.

The first thing I did was fit my now rotated turbo to the car, along with down-pipe, etc and straight away noticed a problem.

After all the faffing about with oil cooler lines, the fecking sandwich plate / oil temp sensor fouls the inlet for the turbo. Looks like I’ll have to go to a remote oil filter setup after all, will speak with Think on Tuesday to discuss the best course of action.

Next I got on with mounting my fuel swirl pot in the spare wheel well and deciding where I wanted the fuel lines running through. The swirl pot is fairly small, just over a litre, but packages nicely into the spare wheel well.

I’d not really done much work at the back of the car, and with it being out in the sunshine for the first time since I had it painted I discovered this.

Pretty annoying, but will get sorted soon.

With that out of the way I cracked on with fitting my rocker cover, I’d had some fittings welded into it to accompany the yet to arrive catch tank.

I’d left my precise torque wrench at home, so it needs torquing up, but it went on fairly easily. Managed to damage the paint slightly when tapping in the spark plug oil seals, doh.

With that done it was on to the sump, what a ball ache. Whoever had last had the sump off had used all the sealant on the planet at that time I think. After a lot of swearing and some home made wooden split peg thing, it eventually came off. I then spent a good hour or so cleaning all the sealant from the engines mating surface. It looked spick and span, but at this point I was running late so didn’t get a picture, shame.

I’m going to order the bits to finally finish off the cars electrics, and possibly the remote oil filter setup this week. I should probably grab some engine oil while I’m at it as well. Getting there, slowly but surely anyway!


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