It’s beginning to resemble a car

First things first, I passed my B + E this week, got there in the end.

I think I left things after last weekend with a bit of a moan that my fabricator chap was dragging his heels. Managed to get him on the phone, and all being well I’ll be taking the car over to his workshop on Friday to pick up the bits and get the last bits and pieces done. Things like making a hot pipe really require being made in situ, it will give me my first taste of towing it as well, how exciting.

So with that, I suddenly realised I had better get the car to a point where it can be rolled on and off the trailer, also brakes might come in handy as well. I was heading to have the oil cooler lines made up this weekend, so at the same time I had them make 4 braided lines for my brakes as well.

I spent some time on Saturday morning mocking up the oil lines, using the crappy fittings and some spare rubber hose. The idea was that I could just take two lines with me and say I want these, but with their fittings and hose. I also had a front line and rear line to take with me.

Hoses made, I decided to nip into Morrisons to make use of their salad bar, I then did my bit for my required race weight.

After some faffing about, isn’t that always the case? I finally got my oil cooler all fitted..

I noticed that the lines ran a little bit close to some metal, I added a little bit of protection by slicing some rubber hose up and zip tieing it in place, hopefully it’ll do the job, I did the same a little further down for the other line as well. I think I’ll buy some of those hose spacer thingy ma bobs at some point in the near future.

Once that was done and dusted I got on with fitting my braided lines, fairly easy job really. The hose is just regular braided stuff without any fancy plastic coating, so where the hose touched anything I popped some heat shrink on it.

Here’s one of the rear ones fitted, you can just about make out the heat shrink I added to protect the strut.

Once that was done I set about securing the internal brake pipe with rubber lined P clips like so

I also wrapped the straight piece of brake pipe in a further layer of protective plastic sheaf, hard to make out in the photo. Once that was done I headed to the pub, not a bad days work..

I was unsure how much time I would get to work on the car today (Sunday), I had to configure a server this morning for work. One of those jobs that could take an hour, or an entire day depending how difficult the particular server is being. For some reason I was hit with a bit of insomnia, wide awake at 5am I cracked on with the server setup. I was done for 7am which meant I could spend the day on the car, result.

In order for the fabrication work to be completed I would need to mount my intercooler, and that was this mornings job. I shaped some mounts out of a sheet of metal and used some grommets and washers to simulate a rubber type mount, it seems to work well. The cooler is mounted nice and solid, but also has a certain amount of flex in the mountings, we’ll see how we get on when it’s used in anger for the first time, eh?

Once that was done I set about mounting my front bumper. Out of the factory they are mounted using a series of plastic clips which are a bit of a faff to remove, I drilled out the existing stuff and replaced them with 3 rivnuts. Along with the other hard mounts the bumper is now nice and solid, also pretty easy to remove and fit which will no doubt come in handy when trying to locate the pistons which according to some will be fired from the engine at any moment.

Anyway, front bumper and grill returned for a short period of time, you might mistake it for a car at the minute.

My final job was to look at making and routing the main power feed from the battery, a fairly easy job. I did end up having to make use of some old pliers and a vice as I don’t own a battery terminal crimping tool. Seems to have done the trick anyway, I’ll possibly look at filling them with solder too, but I don’t think that’s all that necessary. I’m waiting on some red heat shrink to tidy up the ends too..

More rubber lined P clips were employed, they do a good job. The red cable matches the other red bits in the car, such as harnesses, door pulls, etc. 😆

On Wednesday I hope to get the brakes full of fluid and bled, the first test of my home made brake lines. Knowing my luck they’ll piss brake fluid all over my lovely interior..


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