Bits & Bobs

With the excitement of Saturday out of the way (, it was back to Sheffield to carry on work with my car, which at the moment I don’t really have that many big jobs to be getting on with, it’s all bitty time consuming jobs. I still haven’t received my sump, turbo or rocker cover, so some chasing and ass kicking will be done this afternoon, two weeks has turned into ten.

First job was to finish off my battery installation, pretty simply really, except I had to remove the fuel tank to get access for the holes. The fuel tank needed to come off again anyway, but one of those things that stretches out the length of time it takes to do small tasks. Here’s the finished article..

Golf buggy battery, which can be had cheaper in bright green, but that would mess with my chi.

I then finished routing the cable for my wideband, which was a doddle, before finishing the centre console off and mounting my assortment of gauges. I also fitted some flick switches into the main panel, rain light, fuel pumps and possibly water/oil temp switch, and a spare.

That’s pretty much my work for the weekend, next weekend I’ll finally have the lines made up for my oil cooler and hopefully some front and rear braided lines to complete my brakes. With any luck I might have the bits and pieces back from the fabricator chap as well, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves.

I also need to wire in the positive side of the battery, I have a little fuse box to go in which will go between kill switch and gauges / fuel pumps.


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