Slow Progress

Not a lot has happened recently, life has to get in the way every now and again, it’s healthy, so they say. After a weekend away in London, and then this weekend away helping my friend race at Snetterton, the beginning of April has turned into a bit of a break.

I was able to make a small amount of progress midweek by making a start on mounting my battery bracket to just behind where the passenger seat would normally sit. I’m hoping to find some time on Sunday to finish that little job off.

A friend of mine gave me a hand, and welded in the boss for my wideband. The sensor is situated just in front of the bulkhead making cable routing an easy task, big thanks to Nige for that.

At the same time, I collected a set of part worn AO48r tyres, plenty of life left in them yet! These should be useful for some testing, the aim is to run Kumho V70’s when the time comes for me to go racing.

After looking for a while now, I came across a reverse bonnet scoop for sale. As I have no intention of using the standard TMIC I decided to replace the bonnet scoop with a reverse scoop.

I think it looks pretty good and should serve a purpose, well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Plenty of dust over the car now, excited to get it lowered off it’s axle stands and washed. Hopefully that’s not too far away now..

Sunday I hope to finish my battery installation, along with my gauges and other electrical sundries. I’ll have a clear idea of what cable I need to run from battery to kill switch, etc after that and can get all that stuff finished soon as well.


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