Almost The Weekend

The number of bits next to my desk and therefore jobs for the weekend are slowly growing, so I have plenty to be getting on with. I also managed to source, FPR, fuel rail adapter, fuel pressure gauge, and what looks like a sampling tap for much less than just the FPR I had in my eBay basket, it’s the same one as well, so that was a bit of a result.

Jobs for the weekend include:

– Finish door cards, I’ve picked up some foam strips and pull straps.
– Make oil cooler lines using AN8 hose and fittings
– Replace the Walbro in tank pump with an OE spec item
– Begin the work on running brake lines through the car

Since my last update I also sold my Snetterton track day at the beginning of May, mainly down to time constraints. So with that worry off my shoulder I’m free to take my time with making sure everything is right, my next aim is towards the end of May and a track day at my local track, Blyton Park.


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