Loom and Parts

After a couple of less than productive evenings working on the car I’ve taken the decision to nip those in the bud for the time being and save my efforts for the weekend. Anything I can take home I will, like wiring and other small jobs that don’t require being with the car. This evening I’ve wrapped the rear cabin loom and added power and earth for a second fuel pump.

During the week I went on a bit of a parts ordering frenzy, including an oil cooler and filter take off. Big thanks to Think Automotive for helping me with the latter. I had it tapped to 1/8 PT to suit the oil temp sensor Defi gauges come with. I also bought a load of sundries, seals, bolts, etc to help me with the build.

This weekend I intend to remove the hard lines that run under the car for the brakes and fuelling system. I’ll be moving to braided lines for fuel run along the underside where the current hard pipes fit, and then internal hard pipe for the brakes.

I’ve lots of jobs half finished for one reason or the other, either I’m waiting for parts or still deciding what exactly I want to do which can be frustrating at times. Hopefully I’ll start to see some daylight soon, having said that, I am currently reconsidering the turbo side of things. Getting rid of the current Tongs hybrid setup and moving to the slightly larger TF035 you find on some Subaru cars. I’m going to try and sell the current setup before investing in something else, I have 9 weeks to get the car ready for it’s first track outing, that doesn’t leave me with many days of work on the car.


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