Weekends Work

After wrapping the wiring loom in fabric loom tape I set about fitting it to the car, in my haste to get my dashboard back in I forgot to take photos of the wiring, but I’m really pleased with it, very neat and tidy even if I do say so myself, tested as well without any sparks or smoke. I was unable to crank the car due to it missing a valve cover and other ancillaries at the moment, but fingers crossed it will fire into life as soon as that’s all returned.

Having gone through my options for securing the loom to the chassis, I decided upon these re-usable cable ties which fasten to the chassis using a small hole, I was able to make use of pre existing ones, meaning so far I haven’t needed to attack my freshly painted interior with a drill, it’s only a matter of time.

(Excuse the out of focus photo)

If there is ever a call for removing the dash I’ll grab some photos of how tidy it is under there, fingers crossed there wont be.

During the week I was able to collect my freshly flocked dash from Nikki at Banbury Flocking Services, who after I got stuck at a customers went out of her way to save me another drive, or having to fork out for shipping and the chance of it becoming damaged in transit.

I think it looks ace!

Seat was just dropped in for effect really, it’s starting to look like a car again, really pleased with how it has turned out inside. I’m going to mount the ECU in the passenger foot well, I was just waiting for nuts to arrive before I drilled the holes in the floor. A job for this weekend, I’d also like to run a USB extension to the center console from the ECU, pretty simple process that one, will look cool though 😉

Next on the list is to get the battery in along with an isolator, Stace’s mini came fitted with an Armtech electronic isolator which I was hoping to get working as it’s much neater solution than a pull cord. Stace told me it was broken, but me being me I had to see for myself, after some faffing I realised it was indeed broken, sort of. I’ve emailed Armtech to see if they can offer any advice or if it’s something they can repair.

Finally I wanted to get my WMS brake conversion mounted up to make sure it was all going to fit, and my wheels would fit over the top. After some faffing around with the rear backing plate, which for the time being I’ve removed I was able to get the drivers side mounted up.

The disks are in good shape, just slightly rusty. Replacements aren’t very much as they aren’t fancy two piece jobbies so I’ll probably buy some at the same time I buy new pads and brake lines. Speaking of which, the passenger side brake fitting is broken, looks like the last time it was fitted someone over tightened it flaring the end of the fitting.

I knew something was up as soon as I started trying to wind it out of the hose. I intend to replace the standard proportioning valve, and as a result have a feeling this line will need replacing anyway, so not the end of the world.

I have Friday off of work so am trying to gather the parts to be able to run my new fuel line, possibly take a trip over to Podium Prep to collect the carbon fiber sheet I have waiting there. During the week I’ll be tidying up the rear loom and adding a 12v feed and earth for my additional fuel pump.


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