This week and last

A couple of weekends have passed since I updated this, last weekend was largely a failure, but this weekend was pretty productive. The only good thing to come out of last week was a pair of finished door cards and door pulls, like so..

Foam backed and rattle free, not sure they need edging, I spent quite some time sanding them smooth but it wont be too much of a job if they start to get untidy or I find them catching on things.

I had also made a start with routing and bending my brake pipes, I had to replace the rear and also the passenger side front. Once they were bent into shape, I covered them in heat shrink before popping on fittings and flaring each end. I ran into a bit of a problem on Friday after noticing the Tee piece I had bought wasn’t compatible with my ‘short’ M10 fittings, so Saturday morning I picked up some ‘long’ fittings and that solved that.

The pipes need securing and the bias adjuster will be mounted to the gear lever plastic casing eventually using some aluminium plate, I’ve made sure it doesn’t foul the gear stick, but will double check when it’s all mounted up. Ian suggested that having a bias adjuster that’s within reach is against MSA rules, but upon checking, it’s only against the rules if I can adjust brake pressure in such a way that the rear wheels see less than 25%. From what I can tell, my bias lever wont allow me to do that, but I’ll be sure to double check this as well.

I picked up an Innovate wide band gauge this weekend, so spent some time figuring out where was best to place the lambda probe in my exhaust system. Eventually settling on it just before the bulk head, about 90 cm’s away from the turbo outlet. I’ve removed that part of the exhaust now in preparation for a bung to be welded in. I was in two minds whether or not to go for a wideband, but I think it will be money well spent when it comes to mapping the car, and keeping tabs on how things are running.

With stereo and heater controls now gone, I am left with two large holes in the centre console. This afternoon I set about shaping some more carbon fibre to fill the holes and be used for mounting gauges / switch gear. The top piece will be used for 2 gauges Oil/Water Temp & Oil Pressure, but I need to pick up a 60mm hole saw before I can do that. In the mean time, I fitted the cut off switch and wideband gauge to the lower part, like so:

It’s currently being held in by hand, I’ll hopefully bond it in place the next time I can spend some time on the car. I also need some slightly longer bolts for the cut off switch, will get those ordered this week from my favourite nut and bolt shop, eBay Motors :whistle:

I haven’t referenced last weeks hose and fitting debacle in my build thread, mainly because it pissed me off so much. Moral of the story is, buy cheap, buy twice. I needed AN8 fittings and -8 hose for my oil cooler, after some thought I bought a set of 5 AN8 fittings from a supplier on, you guessed it, eBay, who to be fair to them have been very helpful. After much faffing about I ended up very confused with 5 broken fittings, stripped threads, and busted hose..

The eBay retailer agreed to take a look for me, but came back saying that they couldn’t find anything wrong with what they supplied. They did send me two brand new fittings, I guess as a bit of a sweetner. I just don’t trust them, especially not for something as critical as pressurised oil lines. They may find their way onto the cars breather system, but we’ll see.

I picked up another fitting form another supplier which I’ll be able to use for my fuel setup, and just to see, it was slightly different to what I had bought a week earlier.

I decided to have a go at assembling the hose, my ‘gucci’ ali vice jaws had arrived during the week as well, so I gave them a go. To my surprise I was able to assemble the hose fairly easily, but I woudn’t be happy until I took the hose back to pieces to inspect both fitting and hose end, well what do you know..

One fitting, with threads still intact.

One hose end, and no sign of any splitting. You can see how the cutter type fitting actually works as well, so I wont have any problem making use of this fitting, and possibly buying some others of a similar kind in the future. I did reach out to a local hose/fitting supplier who’d helped me in the past this weekend as well, he’s away to get me prices so I may well end up using him. But I feel better now I’ve been able to assemble the hose without a problem, and with relative ease.

I’m away in the big smoke this coming weekend for Katherine’s graduation, so I wont be able to spend any time on the car. But it’s a welcome break, hopefully by the following weekend I’ll have everything back from RW Developments, and I can get on with the final bits and bobs. I also have my trailer test on Wednesday of this week, fingers crossed I can pass that so I can transport the car for mapping and geo in the not too distant future.


Almost The Weekend

The number of bits next to my desk and therefore jobs for the weekend are slowly growing, so I have plenty to be getting on with. I also managed to source, FPR, fuel rail adapter, fuel pressure gauge, and what looks like a sampling tap for much less than just the FPR I had in my eBay basket, it’s the same one as well, so that was a bit of a result.

Jobs for the weekend include:

– Finish door cards, I’ve picked up some foam strips and pull straps.
– Make oil cooler lines using AN8 hose and fittings
– Replace the Walbro in tank pump with an OE spec item
– Begin the work on running brake lines through the car

Since my last update I also sold my Snetterton track day at the beginning of May, mainly down to time constraints. So with that worry off my shoulder I’m free to take my time with making sure everything is right, my next aim is towards the end of May and a track day at my local track, Blyton Park.

Another weekend of graft

Right, I’ll try this again. I had written a lot of drivel, but my MacBook decided to shit its self so that’s now lost.

Friday I bobbed over to see Andy at Podium Prep to collect some carbon sheet and chat to him about cut offs and restrictors. I left with a clear understanding of what I need to do with my cut off, and also a turbo restrictor to send to the chap doing some other fab work for me, brill.

During the week I had wrapped and trimmed down the cabin wiring loom, I also added a 12v feed and earth for the additional fuel pump. During the week I picked up a standard pump to replace the Walbro that’s currently in the tank, I’m not sure what to run on the other side of the swirl pot. I was going to get an inline Walbro 255, but then stumbled across a Sytec unit which is 50 quid cheaper than the Walbro so that might be an avenue to pursue instead, we’ll see.

Friday afternoon I slapped in the wiring loom and mounted my ECU(s) in the passenger foot well, a couple of M6 rivnuts and some velcro later, they are sitting pretty.

I also mocked where the oil cooler was going to sit, this is what I came up with, the only option I’ve got I think. But there’s plenty of space between each cooler so we should be ok.

****ing gloves.

Saturday morning came around and I set about fitting my oil cooler sandwich jobby, not as easy as it should be really as it involves some gentle massaging of the power steering pump tensioner bracket. After removing the offending bracket I set myself up to use an angle grinder in anger for the very first time, goggles, gloves, and ear protection! A few test fits and more grinding later I got it to fit, not too bad a job if I say so myself.

Still plenty of material left so hopefully I wont have caused an issue by doing the above, I figured a replacement bracket would be much cheaper than a replacement sandwich plate if I was to make a mistake with the power tools! Anyway, here’s the sandwich plate in situ with oil temp sensor installed, fancy blue fittings and all..

Whilst I was there I figured I’d remove the standard oil pressure switch, ready for the T piece arriving so I can fit the sensor for my gauges. But I’ve got no idea how to remove it, there isn’t anything I can attach a spanner too, and it’s in too tightly for me to turn it by hand, anyone able shed any light?

After I’d recovered from my hangover on Sunday I ventured back to the workshop to carry on where I left off, first job of the day was to get my oil cooler properly mounted to the cross member. I didn’t want to solid mount it, so I farted about with some rubber grommets for a while. Initially I had it just sitting on four grommets, but I couldn’t get it tight, it just didn’t feel right. Then I remembered I had some sleeves from my old fuel filter, so set about seeing if I could make them fit. This involved widening the holes in the oil cooler, which after a bit of a test on a scrap piece of metal I decided to crack on with drilling the oil cooler.

Ended up with the above, not without a bit of drama though. I slipped and lost control of the cocking drill. This resulted in a bit of a mark down the side of the cooler and a dent. I don’t think it has been punctured, but if it has hopefully I can get it repaired. Pretty certain it’s fine, but we’ll see.

With that done and out of the way, I got a few little jobs out of the way which included removing some of the brake lines and the original brake proportioning valve from the bulkhead. Not much room to operate down there, but more than the Nissan, so I managed it without too many scraped knuckles. I also fitted a low temp water thermostat too which was fairly simple, probably piss water out of it now I’ve played with it, but fingers crossed it wont.

Would someone be able to help me understand the brake master cylinder, it has two ports 1 for front, and 1 for rear I assume. So I’ll attach the front brakes to one, and then the rears to the other through an adjustable proportioning/bias valve. Does that sound right?

I then set about undersealing all the bits that had been affected by the welding of the cage, seat mounts, etc, boring but time consuming work. With that out of the way I thought I’d have a go at making some door cards with the carbon sheet I picked up on Friday. They’re flat and quite a simple shape, so figured it would be straight forward enough, so with some masking tape, a sharpie and the original door cards I set about drawing around them.

More power tools were employed, and after some swearing at my poxy dremel which often has a mind of it’s own I ended up with door card look pieces of carbon fibre.

They need tidying up a bit on the edges and fixing in place properly, but I ran out of time so that can wait for another day. Pretty happy with how they turned out though, looks pretty neat. I’m going to add a pull handle to the drivers door so will need to carefully cut a hole into the carbon for that.

Hoping to get the lines for the oil cooler ordered this week along with some bits for the fuel system, I’ve also got the brake pipe winging it’s way via chicken post as well. It’s slowly coming together, but I still feel like I’ve got so much left to do, hopefully be ready for mapping in a few weeks.

Loom and Parts

After a couple of less than productive evenings working on the car I’ve taken the decision to nip those in the bud for the time being and save my efforts for the weekend. Anything I can take home I will, like wiring and other small jobs that don’t require being with the car. This evening I’ve wrapped the rear cabin loom and added power and earth for a second fuel pump.

During the week I went on a bit of a parts ordering frenzy, including an oil cooler and filter take off. Big thanks to Think Automotive for helping me with the latter. I had it tapped to 1/8 PT to suit the oil temp sensor Defi gauges come with. I also bought a load of sundries, seals, bolts, etc to help me with the build.

This weekend I intend to remove the hard lines that run under the car for the brakes and fuelling system. I’ll be moving to braided lines for fuel run along the underside where the current hard pipes fit, and then internal hard pipe for the brakes.

I’ve lots of jobs half finished for one reason or the other, either I’m waiting for parts or still deciding what exactly I want to do which can be frustrating at times. Hopefully I’ll start to see some daylight soon, having said that, I am currently reconsidering the turbo side of things. Getting rid of the current Tongs hybrid setup and moving to the slightly larger TF035 you find on some Subaru cars. I’m going to try and sell the current setup before investing in something else, I have 9 weeks to get the car ready for it’s first track outing, that doesn’t leave me with many days of work on the car.

Weekends Work

After wrapping the wiring loom in fabric loom tape I set about fitting it to the car, in my haste to get my dashboard back in I forgot to take photos of the wiring, but I’m really pleased with it, very neat and tidy even if I do say so myself, tested as well without any sparks or smoke. I was unable to crank the car due to it missing a valve cover and other ancillaries at the moment, but fingers crossed it will fire into life as soon as that’s all returned.

Having gone through my options for securing the loom to the chassis, I decided upon these re-usable cable ties which fasten to the chassis using a small hole, I was able to make use of pre existing ones, meaning so far I haven’t needed to attack my freshly painted interior with a drill, it’s only a matter of time.

(Excuse the out of focus photo)

If there is ever a call for removing the dash I’ll grab some photos of how tidy it is under there, fingers crossed there wont be.

During the week I was able to collect my freshly flocked dash from Nikki at Banbury Flocking Services, who after I got stuck at a customers went out of her way to save me another drive, or having to fork out for shipping and the chance of it becoming damaged in transit.

I think it looks ace!

Seat was just dropped in for effect really, it’s starting to look like a car again, really pleased with how it has turned out inside. I’m going to mount the ECU in the passenger foot well, I was just waiting for nuts to arrive before I drilled the holes in the floor. A job for this weekend, I’d also like to run a USB extension to the center console from the ECU, pretty simple process that one, will look cool though 😉

Next on the list is to get the battery in along with an isolator, Stace’s mini came fitted with an Armtech electronic isolator which I was hoping to get working as it’s much neater solution than a pull cord. Stace told me it was broken, but me being me I had to see for myself, after some faffing I realised it was indeed broken, sort of. I’ve emailed Armtech to see if they can offer any advice or if it’s something they can repair.

Finally I wanted to get my WMS brake conversion mounted up to make sure it was all going to fit, and my wheels would fit over the top. After some faffing around with the rear backing plate, which for the time being I’ve removed I was able to get the drivers side mounted up.

The disks are in good shape, just slightly rusty. Replacements aren’t very much as they aren’t fancy two piece jobbies so I’ll probably buy some at the same time I buy new pads and brake lines. Speaking of which, the passenger side brake fitting is broken, looks like the last time it was fitted someone over tightened it flaring the end of the fitting.

I knew something was up as soon as I started trying to wind it out of the hose. I intend to replace the standard proportioning valve, and as a result have a feeling this line will need replacing anyway, so not the end of the world.

I have Friday off of work so am trying to gather the parts to be able to run my new fuel line, possibly take a trip over to Podium Prep to collect the carbon fiber sheet I have waiting there. During the week I’ll be tidying up the rear loom and adding a 12v feed and earth for my additional fuel pump.