Wrapped Loom

I spent this evening wrapping and un tangling my interior wiring loom.

It became much more of a faff than I had anticipated, but I’m happy with the results. The main thing that kept getting in the way were the earth wires, I’m pretty sure these were added after the main loom was made up in order to reach the designated earth points behind the dash. I have left these unwrapped and will probably earth them individually once I’ve got the loom back in the car and behind the dashboard.

Speaking of which, I collected my freshly flocked dashboard from Banbury Flocking Services, they’ve done a great job and went out of their way to allow me to collect it.

Some of the parts I removed last weekend have been sent off to RW Developments, sump, rocker cover and turbo. Dean @ RW is also going to fabricate a fuel swirl pot that will sit nicely inside the spare wheel well so I can cover it up.

Jobs for this weekend are to get the wiring loom in and secured behind the dashboard, and then look at the power wiring side of things, including electric cut off switch. I also need to look at mounting my ECU and Greddy Emanage safely in the car.


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