Work starts.

Finally got going with this today, and we managed to make some decent progress :thumb:

First job was to remove as much of the interior as possible which was fairly straight forward.

We went from this..

To This.

The car seems spotless, no rust at all, the only thing that I found puzzling was some weird creasing on one of the rear arches. The panel is original and there isn’t any other signs of damage, so I’ve no idea what’s caused it..

After that Dave showed up and we set about removing the sound deadening, which is always a fun time. Eventually the heat gun died, so we called it a day, only to find numb nuts here and unplugged the thing somehow.

Photos are really bad, I’ll remember to take my camera next time. Hopefully I can carry on removing what’s left of the sound deadening, then move onto wiring and dashboard either sometime this week or next weekend.

All in all a good first day of work, and big thanks again to Andrew for allowing me to use a chunk of space at his offices, also Dave for showing up and getting stuck in. Beers owed!

eta, Andrew took this photo earlier today, pretty comical how big I look stood next to the car 😆


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