Weigh in

The floor wasn’t level, but this is what I’m currently dealing with:

The doors weren’t fitted and we weighed them including glass today at 23kg each, I’m also missing the rear 1/4 windows which I’d hazard a guess around 5kg for the pair, the fuel tank ~ 15kg empty, and the interior wiring loom/dash (not sure kg, but not much). The car was on the scales with seat, harness, extinguisher and battery.

So we’re probably looking at around 790 to 800 for the car when complete, which is 100kg less than I was expecting. The good news is I’m not going to need to worry about extracting heaps of power out of the little engine, 140 whp which is easily achievable with the current setup should do it.

I’ve spent the day (read afternoon, lazy Tim) at Podium Prep getting the car ready for paint, and have photos and a bit of a report to write from that, probably sort that later on.


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