Podium Prep

After a late night due to some important American Football games, I made the slightly later than planned journey over to see Andrew and my car at Podium Prep. My only real job was to flat the car and get it to the point where it can be rolled into the paint shop, Andy did a few other bits and bobs throughout the day whilst I flatted the interior of the car and roll cage.

Andy has welded in some seat rails and harness mounts, so the first thing I did was attach the fancy steering wheel toys i’d bought and jump into the drivers seat. Seating position seems to be spot on, really looking forward to driving it now, really, really. The screen also came out so Andy could add some gussets to the A pillars, something I wanted to do originally, but I decided too late when it was with custom cages, no bother, it’s done now.


Seat rails.

Harness guides.

Most of the day I rubbed paint and metal tubes with scotch pads, some petrol here and there, and panel wipe. Oh and at one point the blow torch came out, all good fun. The interior looked really nice when we were done, almost seems a shame to paint it.

It was at this point Andy pointed out the need for me to remove the steering lock, and what a pain in the arse it had been in the Porsche. He was confident this was a task I could carry out myself however, I disagreed, so an hour or so after he started to remove of said steering lock, it finally came free 😆

I wanted to get an idea of where we were at with weight, as the doors were already off the car we had weighed them earlier at around 23kg including glass. So with that in mind, we jacked the car onto the corner weights, filled it with the seat, harness, extinguisher and battery. Before it was lowered I guessed at 790kg, Andy 785kg, suffice to say it was a little bit less than that.

Once you’ve added doors, the fuel tank which isn’t currently fitted and other odds and sods our guesses weren’t too far out. The issue being, we thought that’s what the car would weigh before adding all that back in. But not to worry, just means I need less power to slot me into the 150hp per tonne category.

Big thanks to Andy @ Podium Prep for all the work, he’s done a great job and I’ve had a really good day/afternoon/evening working on the car. I’m looking forward to getting it back to Sheffield now to start putting it back together, with a possible aim of Rockingham in March, we shall see. I have a trailer test to pass along with plenty of stuff to do on the car before even considering booking the day.


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