More progress

Ok, so another day of work, or rather afternoon/evening, I wanted to be back in time for Top Gear, but failed on that one, tidying up took forever.

The day started by going over what I’d done yesterday with the loom, it had sat in the car all night so the first thing I did was make sure it all still worked and the car started, which as you would imagine it did, first time. Next I wanted to check the gauges worked and figure out what wires I needed to tap into to run auxillary stuff such as gauges and other switches from, this resulted in shiny stuff..

I dipped the temp sensor into some hot water to check the control box is functioning, looks like it is.

Next on the agenda was removing the turbo so I could have it sent away to be checked and rebuilt if needed, I also want to get the cold side rotated through 90 degrees to make the pipe run much smaller on that side. In the following picture you can see a pipe going over the top of the radiator, that goes down and then into the intercooler, I want to remove that lengthy bit of piping.

I cracked on with the removal, a few problematic nuts and bolts here and the, but after an hour or so of wrestling I got the bitch off.

Feels like there is some play in the shaft, but I’ll know for definite in the next few days, will be dropping the turbo off on Tuesday. Finally I removed the rocker cover to be sent away to have some AN fitted welded in, it be cleaned, and painted and have a breather system made, will look like this when it’s back, might see if the chap can paint the catch can the same colour as the rocker cover, black.


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