So today I tackled the dash loom, removed all the spare plugs, including one that wasn’t spare, whoops. Managed to lop off the electric mirror plug which I didn’t want to do, but no big deal.

After removing all the Japanese sticky tape I was left with something like that, yikes.

Pruned a good chunk of wiring, will be useful for other stuff so put it to one side.

And ended up with this..

I intend to wrap this with some loom tape as it will all be hidden up underneath the dash anyway.

Decent progress today, didn’t electrocute myself either which is always a bonus. Will head back down tomorrow to make a start on the rear cabin loom and hopefully get the turbo off to be sent away, along with the rocker cover. I’ll likely start with the removing of the bits as I can do the rear loom during the week at home.


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