Fire hazard removed

Young Master Pinder was in Sheffield tonight, he offered to help with some Starlet stuff. His enthusiasm rubbed off a little bit and we seemed, or should I say, he seemed to get loads done!

First job was to tackle the fuel tank, not the easiest of tasks, seized rubber fuel lines causing most of the problems, but after a bit of wrestling we managed to lower the thing down. Looking inside the tank revealed some quite substantial baffling, seems Toyota know how to make a fuel tank.

Matty insisted I pose for a photo to make it look like i’d done some of the work, naturally I obliged, it’s my car after all 😆

Once the tank was down we noticed a pretty badly corroded brake line, about the only thing that we’ve found corroded on the whole car so far, so not bad going. I’m going to investigate running internal braided lines, just because it looks proper 😆

Next up we attacked what was left of the air conditioning and heater matrix, after some wrestling with coolant pipes it was all removed. This revealed some more sound deadening, oh joys. I’ve got to get the heat gun back out to tidy up Daves mess anyway, so I’ll attack that at the same time :whistle: 😆

I spoke with Custom Cages about some extras for my cage, namely a second rear diagonal, and gusseting for A and B pillars along with the door bars. They reckon another days labour on top of what I’m already paying, £320 + vat, which I think is quite the ask. So I will ask them to add the extra diagonal and perhaps see about someone else adding gussets for me when it comes back from CC.

Once I’ve finished tidying the interior I’m going to whip the turbo off and start looking at carrying out some engine maintenance. Need to make sure all service items have been changed, and look at sorting an oil cooler and what not out. I’m going to speak with a local Starlet tuner who have just developed a billet impeller for the turbo that’s fitted to my car, see how much they’re going to want to fit one and rebuild the turbo.

Big thanks to Matty, was awesome having him down, I definitely got heaps more done with him there.


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