Couple of pictures of the dash work I’ve done so far, not very interesting but worth documenting I think. This process took two dashboards to get right, I cut the first one hoping to be able to glue the pieces I’d cut out back in place once the dash was in, but I quickly realised that would be a real pain to get right and securely fix in place.

Here’s Dashboard beta.

As you can see, not very pretty. It did come in handy when shaping the second one though, but now it sits in the skip, sad day.

The second was a much more scientific process involving measurements, templates, a compass, etc. Cutting the dash was a pretty scary thing because I didn’t want to mess it up a second time, they aren’t cheap for a start, and at this point I’d spent hours making sure things were in the right position.

Here’s Dashboard version 1.

It’s a real tight squeeze, but after a bit of gentle persuasion it literally pops into place, and bolts in using the existing dash mount points.

It needs to be sent away now to be flocked, still trying to nail down who will actually do it.

I’ve ordered the bits to repair the loom after I removed the alarm, and I’m hoping to find time to sort that during the week to make sure everything is OK before I start removing chunks of wiring loom.


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