Autosport and Swag

So we’re steady away with this one, it’s been over at Podium Prep for a little while, initially me finding time to head over and get the seat fitted in the right position. Then we ran into a little problem with the width of the harness bars, and after a few ideas were passed back and forth we decided to see what other people were doing at Autosport, we spotted these attached to some of the Custom Cages cars.

Chatted with Custom Cages who can supply the little tab thingies, and that should elegantly solve my problem. The problem being, the left harness has a slight horizontal angle to it as it goes from the bar to my seat. It also rubs against the diagonal, with these fitted it will mean that the harness pulls at the same angle at each shoulder, and will also hopefully look after the harness a little better.

So with that solved, hopefully progress can now be made and it can be painted and back in Sheffield where I can get on with the rest of the car. I have quite a bit of holiday left, so I’m hoping to use that to get lots done on, I also want to get my trailer licence sorted during that time as well.

I bought a Chinese eBay special steering wheel hub/boss, it was £8, and it looks very much like it cost them a lot less to produce!

Shortly after it arrived I decided it would be foolish of me to rely on that piece of offal to keep the cars wheels pointing in the right direction. After being ripped off by some kid on UKSO, I splurged on a OMP Boss and Drift Works snap off boss to mate my fancy Personal (Nardi) wheel to my car, much better.

As with a few others on here now, I grabbed a Direnza radiator from eBay, pretty cheap at £90 delivered, doesn’t seem as cheap or crappy as the steering wheel boss, I guess we’ll find out sooner or later if that’s the case. It was an auction which ended at a funny time, they have a Buy it Now of £160, so not super duper cheap normally.

I also have a sump coming which I picked up for 99p on eBay, that’ll be sent off to be baffled, not sure by who yet, there’s a local place that do them as well so I think I’ll go and have a chat with them and listen to what they have to say.

Finally I picked up the first piece of my race outfit :whistle:

Hedtec had an offer on at Autosport, so grabbed one of their helmets, HANS ready too. Just suit, boots and gloves to go, oh and the small matter of a licence, but that will be a doddle I’m sure 😆

Hopefully I’ll have some more meaningful updates rather than just; look what I’ve bought bullshit. Eager to get this thing running now, I’ve still got loads to do before then.


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