Adding lightness.

Managed to spend some time working on this on Friday evening, and then today, just trying to get the mind numbing jobs out of the way really.

– 5kg’s worth of sound deadening removed
– Roof lining and resulting glue all scraped off
– Door cards removed
– Dashboard out

The removal of glue and sound deadening just takes forever and it’s so boring, but one of those things I guess, and at least I’ve got it out of the way. Well, apart from the mess on Davids side of the car, I’ll have to go over that again with a scraper and heat gun :whistle:

Time for a couple of blurry photos, forgot my proper camera again, I’m sure my iPhone camera has got worse, it really does suck.

You can see here the floor is nice and clean, I whipped out the door cards and had just started on taking the dash out:

I’ll have to look at gutting the doors a little, there’s a lot of material there that’s for sure. making a cover for them will be really easy though, and should look really neat. The tops of the doors have been finished in the same paint as the outside of the car before they were covered up with some Toyota vinyl, bottom part is just flat and I can use the old door card as a template for a lighter version with pull handle.



Again, sorry for the shitty photos, the lack of natural light where the car is probably isn’t helping things.

Anyway, I’ve never removed a dashboard before, what a pig of a job, but at least it’s done, and I can already start to see where wiring can be removed. First job is to take out the car alarm that someone has spliced, taped and cable tied in. I would hope this wasn’t fitted by a professional if it was, deary, deary me. It looks straight forward enough, famous last words 😆

Anything I unplugged has been labelled with a code, which ties to a spreadsheet inside google docs, should make plugging everything back in, or removing bits I should never need a little easier.

Still seems like I’ve got an age before it has to be ready for the cage, but I know that day will be here in no time at all.

Massive thanks again to Stace, absolute legend for allowing me to use space, electric, drink his orange juice and eat his biscuits.. 😆 Many, many beers are owed!


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