Wrapped Loom

I spent this evening wrapping and un tangling my interior wiring loom.

It became much more of a faff than I had anticipated, but I’m happy with the results. The main thing that kept getting in the way were the earth wires, I’m pretty sure these were added after the main loom was made up in order to reach the designated earth points behind the dash. I have left these unwrapped and will probably earth them individually once I’ve got the loom back in the car and behind the dashboard.

Speaking of which, I collected my freshly flocked dashboard from Banbury Flocking Services, they’ve done a great job and went out of their way to allow me to collect it.

Some of the parts I removed last weekend have been sent off to RW Developments, sump, rocker cover and turbo. Dean @ RW is also going to fabricate a fuel swirl pot that will sit nicely inside the spare wheel well so I can cover it up.

Jobs for this weekend are to get the wiring loom in and secured behind the dashboard, and then look at the power wiring side of things, including electric cut off switch. I also need to look at mounting my ECU and Greddy Emanage safely in the car.


More progress

Ok, so another day of work, or rather afternoon/evening, I wanted to be back in time for Top Gear, but failed on that one, tidying up took forever.

The day started by going over what I’d done yesterday with the loom, it had sat in the car all night so the first thing I did was make sure it all still worked and the car started, which as you would imagine it did, first time. Next I wanted to check the gauges worked and figure out what wires I needed to tap into to run auxillary stuff such as gauges and other switches from, this resulted in shiny stuff..

I dipped the temp sensor into some hot water to check the control box is functioning, looks like it is.

Next on the agenda was removing the turbo so I could have it sent away to be checked and rebuilt if needed, I also want to get the cold side rotated through 90 degrees to make the pipe run much smaller on that side. In the following picture you can see a pipe going over the top of the radiator, that goes down and then into the intercooler, I want to remove that lengthy bit of piping.

I cracked on with the removal, a few problematic nuts and bolts here and the, but after an hour or so of wrestling I got the bitch off.

Feels like there is some play in the shaft, but I’ll know for definite in the next few days, will be dropping the turbo off on Tuesday. Finally I removed the rocker cover to be sent away to have some AN fitted welded in, it be cleaned, and painted and have a breather system made, will look like this when it’s back, might see if the chap can paint the catch can the same colour as the rocker cover, black.


So today I tackled the dash loom, removed all the spare plugs, including one that wasn’t spare, whoops. Managed to lop off the electric mirror plug which I didn’t want to do, but no big deal.

After removing all the Japanese sticky tape I was left with something like that, yikes.

Pruned a good chunk of wiring, will be useful for other stuff so put it to one side.

And ended up with this..

I intend to wrap this with some loom tape as it will all be hidden up underneath the dash anyway.

Decent progress today, didn’t electrocute myself either which is always a bonus. Will head back down tomorrow to make a start on the rear cabin loom and hopefully get the turbo off to be sent away, along with the rocker cover. I’ll likely start with the removing of the bits as I can do the rear loom during the week at home.


It fired into life this evening, pretty sweet moment after 6 months or so of laying dormant. I can crack on with interior wiring loom and other bits and bats now.

Lists of jobs before I dare book a shakedown:

– Wiring / electrics / cut off
– Fuel system
– Brake lines / fit front calipers
– Turbo checked over and rotated
– Rocker cover / catch tank
– Fit new radiator
– Baffled sump to be made and then fitted
– Mapping
– Geo
– Extinguisher

At that point it will be ready to be run out, I want to try and get a Blyton day booked in early to mid April giving me time to iron out any bugs before Snet in May. Quite a bit of work, and money to be spent between then and now.

I have the day tomorrow to get cracking, and some days off of work here and there as well.


Couple of pictures of the dash work I’ve done so far, not very interesting but worth documenting I think. This process took two dashboards to get right, I cut the first one hoping to be able to glue the pieces I’d cut out back in place once the dash was in, but I quickly realised that would be a real pain to get right and securely fix in place.

Here’s Dashboard beta.

As you can see, not very pretty. It did come in handy when shaping the second one though, but now it sits in the skip, sad day.

The second was a much more scientific process involving measurements, templates, a compass, etc. Cutting the dash was a pretty scary thing because I didn’t want to mess it up a second time, they aren’t cheap for a start, and at this point I’d spent hours making sure things were in the right position.

Here’s Dashboard version 1.

It’s a real tight squeeze, but after a bit of gentle persuasion it literally pops into place, and bolts in using the existing dash mount points.

It needs to be sent away now to be flocked, still trying to nail down who will actually do it.

I’ve ordered the bits to repair the loom after I removed the alarm, and I’m hoping to find time to sort that during the week to make sure everything is OK before I start removing chunks of wiring loom.